The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It (Book Notes)

"Everyone who goes into business is 3 people in 1. The entrepreneur, the manager, and the technician."

Entrepreneur: This is the dreamer in you, the visionary, the source of energy, and the catalyst for change. This side of you always lives in the future, they are happiest visioning the "what if" and the "when" scenarios. They thrive on the idea of change and are our creative personality.

Manager: This is your pragmatic personality. This is the side of us that attempts to organise everything so that order is not disturbed. The manager lives in the past and thrives on the idea of the status quo."

Technician: The technician is the doer in us. Things aren't meant to be dreamed about, they're meant to be done. This side of us lives in the present, and to the technician all ideas need to be reduced to a single methodology. 

EVERYONE has all 3 of the above within us. Our goal is to find a balance of all three.

Entrepreneur (1).png

"We all have an Entrepreneur, Manager and Technician inside of us. If they were equally balanced, we’d be describing an incredibly competent individual."

Michael E. Gerber